Robusta Brazilian Raw Coffee - Origin - Brazil

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Informações do imóvel

Tipo de imóvel Estabelecimento
Código 244
Endereço Rua Isidoro Pastorello
Numero 790
Bairro Jardim Guarapuava II
Ponto de referência Justiça Federal de Foz do Iguaçu
Cidade Foz do Iguaçu
Transação Venda
Finalidade Industrial
Andar Térreo
Área construída 0,00 m²
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Área total 0,00 m²
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Brazilian Raw Coffee

Robusta Brazilian Raw Coffee

Preliminary information

. Commodity: Robusta Brazilian Raw Coffee (Green Beans)
. Origin: Brazil
. Prices: CIF ASWP
. Packing: in 25 kg bag in Kraft paper, multi sheet.
. Inspection: SGS at loading port
. Performance Bond: 2% (for contracts only)
. Insurance: 110%

Method of sale and guarantees:

CONTRACT: Transferable DLC or Non-Transferable DLC.
MT: 25 to 500.
Shipments containers: 1 to 20.

CONTRACT: 1 BG for 1 shipment + Transferable DLC or 1 BG for 1 shipment + Non-Transferable DLC.
MT x 12: 25 to 500.
Shipments containers x 12: 1 to 20.

RAW COFFEE, or coffee beans, is the seed benefited from low-hanging fruit of several species of the genus Coffea Robusta, mainly.


Robusta Brazilian Raw Coffee (Green Beans)

Physico - Chemical

. For Human consumption
. Humidity: 11% max
. Density: 0.7 gr/ml.
. Mineral Residue fixed: 5% max.
. Fixed Mineral Residue.
. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid
. In 10% vol.: 1% max
. Caffeine: 0.7% min
. Ethereal Extract, total: 10% min
. Alcohol Extract: 8% min
. Total Nitrogen: 12.5% min


. Absence of dirt, parasites and worms;


. Aspect: the fruit is an ovoid coffee consisting of two juxtaposed grains by ventral part. The grain has a ventral part flat or slightly concave, longitudinal Groove common deep, and a convex dorsal surface.
. Color: green-green-53-61 or cane.
. Smell: characteristic itself.
. Taste: characteristic.

Sale price:

Prices Quotation on request;


After sending the Pre Soft Offer, other information through of LOI (Letter of Intent to Purchase), which will determine the seriousness and true intent of the assumption Buyer.


- We are facilitators, Commodity Brokers. Offers are owned by others, and there may be changes in price and availability.
- Supply, situation subject to confirmation

Information and sale:

JT Commodities & Real Estate.

Joval Gomes da Silva
Commodities Broker

Tatiana Pinheiro da Silva
Business Consultant.
Technologist of Foreign Trade