Liquid Prepared for Juice Sweetened Orange for Export

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Código 319
Endereço Rua Isidoro Pastorello
Numero 790
Bairro Jardim Guarapuava II
Ponto de referência Fórum da Justiça Federal
Cidade Foz do Iguaçu
Transação Venda
Finalidade Comercial
Andar Térreo
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Área construída 1,00 m²
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Juice Fruit Sweetened Orange



· The orange (specifically, the sweet orange) is the fruit of the citrus species Citrus × sinensis in the family Rutaceae.
· Orange trees are widely grown in tropical and subtropical climates for their sweet fruit. As of 2012, sweet oranges accounted for approximately 70% of citrus production.

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice

· Commercial squeezed orange juice is pasteurized and filtered before being evaporated under vacuum and heat. After removal of most of the water, this concentrated juice, about 65% sugar by weight, is then stored at about 10°F (-12°C). Essences, Vitamin C, and oils extracted during the vacuum concentration process may be added back to restore flavor and nutrition (see below).
· The product was developed in 1948 at the University of Floridas Citrus Research and Education Center.

Juice Fruit Sweetened Orange

· Commodity: Liquid Prepared for Juice Sweetened Orange.
· Origin: Brazil.
· Destination: CIF ASWP or FOB.
· Delivery: Consultation.
· Packing: Polypropylene (PP) buckets with sealed cover - capacity 20 liters or 200 liters metallic drums. Polypropylene (PP) barrel with sealable screw cap - capacity: 05 liters, packed in cardboard box with 04 units.
· Inspection: SGS.
· Registration nº: MA. SP.08723.00004-2.
· Composition: Water, sugar, Natural Acerola Concentrated, Juice 60° Brix, Citric Acid (INS 330), Sodium Benzoate (INS 211). Essential Orange Oil, Natural Dye Beta-carotene. Do not contain gluten, non-alcoholic.
· Shelf life of product: 365 days out of refrigeration.
· Preparation mode: 01 part of concentrated for 06 equal parts of water.
· Product Yield: Recommended 1 x 6
20L = 140L = 700 cups of 200ml.
05L = 35L = 175 cups of 200ml.
01L = 07L = 15 cups of 200ml.
0.500ml = 15 cups of 200ml;


Portion of 200ml (01 cup) of final product
Quantity per portion % VD*
Caloric Value 116Kcal = 485KJ 6
Carbohydrate 29 g 10
Proteins 1.9 g 3
Total Fats 0 g 0
Saturated Fats 0 g 0
Trans Fat 0 g **
Fiber Feed 4 g 16
Sodium 1 mg 0

*% Diaries values of reference based on a diet of 2,000kcal/8,400KJ. These diaries values can be higher or lower depending of their energetic needs
** Non recommended Values


1. Price for consultation and payment, quantity and delivery. Only through an LOI
2. After Buyer send a LOI full. We will send all export process information
3. Container 20 or 40
3.1. Container 20 = 17.640kg
3.2. Container 40 = 39.200kg
4. 200 liter barrel:
4.1. Container 20 = capacity 72 barrel
4.2. Container 40 = capacity 160 barrel
5. Weight barrel for middle 245kg
6. The Purchaser shall inform the country and the product destination port. So you can calculate the price if purchased in the form (ICF)
7. Payment with (L/C) or Via Wire Transfer
8. Price FOB or CIF. * Procedures must be adjusted according.